Support - XVL Studio

1) Does XVL Studio support multiple languages?

Yes. XVL Studio supports Unicode and enables you to author notes, work instructions and other textual data in any language.

2) What is the maximum number of cameras, materials and other elements that can be saved inside a single model?

There is no limit to the number of cameras, materials and other elements that can be saved in a model. XVL Studio allows you to add as many elements to the model as you like.

3) Does the XVL file size increase when I change the display accuracy?

No. Changing the display accuracy, for example from "Normal" to "Fine", will not increase the XVL file size.

4) In the File Open dialog there are two entries for some file types. Which one should I use?

The Multi-CAD Direct Import option includes readers for many file formats, including some formats that XVL Studio reads directly. In those cases, there are two entries in the "File type" list. The entry that starts with a "+" is the Multi-CAD reader; the other entry is the direct reader. You can use either reader to read the file.

5) My XVL Studio panels and toolbars are in strange places. How do I fix it?

To restore the original XVL Studio layout, select Help > Reset.

6) Can I control how the model is updated when there is a design change?

Yes. The Auto Detect and Update function provides a two-step process for updating the model. It enables you to specify which elements are updated, shows the proposed update and allows you to make changes before committing the update.

7) When exporting a technical illustration, can I preview the output?

Yes. XVL Studio enables you to preview the illustration before exporting it. But even before that, XVL Studio can draw a rectangle on the 3D View window that shows you what elements will be included in the exported illustration. Often that is enough information and a preview is not required.

8) Can you make multiple simultaneous cross-sections with XVL Studio?

Yes. XVL Studio enables you to make up to three simultaneous cross-sections.

9) Does XVL Studio read and write 3D PDF files?

Yes. XVL Studio reads and writes 3D PDF files. If an input 3D PDF file contains multiple 3D models, XVL Studio will read the first model in the file. XVL Studio can also save the model as a 3D PDF file with an embedded PRC model.

10) Does XVL Studio support 3D Connexion input devices?

Yes, XVL Studio supports 3D Connexion input devices.

11) Can I define my own shortcut keys in XVL Studio?

Yes, select [Tools] > [Customize] > [Keyboard] to open the Keyboard panel. You can add and remove shortcut keys on this panel.

12) Can I publish 3D Excel documents from XVL Studio?

Yes. Select [File] > [Export] > [3D Excel File]. This feature requires a license for XVL Reporter.

13) Does XVL Studio support models with variations?

Yes. XVL Studio reads models with variations and enables you to author work instructions with variations.

14) Can I create wires/cables in XVL Studio?

Yes. XVL Studio enables you to create wires and cables as part objects in the assembly. You can use those wires and cables in published documents such as technical illustrations and work instructions.