Support - XVL Signer

1) Can we hide the "Protection recommended" message displayed at the right bottom corner of XVL Player?

Yes. XVL Player will display "Powered by XVL" for ten seconds if the file is not signed. You can change the string that is displayed by using XVL Signer to apply a different signature string. If you don't want any string to be displayed, check "No Signature String" when signing the file.

2) How can I set my XVL file to read-only?

Yes. To make your file read-only, set the Access Control for normal users to be "Read Only." If you want to give specific user groups additional access rights, such as "Measure" or "Read / Write" then you can do so by specifying the user group names in the appropriate Access Control fields.

3) My XVL file has expired. Can I get it back?

No. It is not possible to access expired files. Even Lattice Technology cannot recover an expired XVL file.