Support - XVL Player

1) How do I change the default application that is used to display XVL files?

XVL Player can display XVL files in the XVL Player application, Internet Explorer or Firefox. There are two ways to change the default application. The first way is to uninstall and reinstall XVL Player. The installer will prompt you to specify the default application.

The second way to change the default application is to use the XVLSETEXT tool. The XVLSETEXT tool (xvlsetexe.exe) is located in the XVL Player installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Lattice\Player3). Please note that you must have administrator rights to run the XVLSETEXT tool.

2) XVL Player has gone into safe mode. How can I restore full functionality?

XVL Player goes into safe mode when Internet Explorer is in protected mode. This can happen when:

  • The XVL file is on the local machine and is blocked.
  • The XVL file is not on the local machine and not a Trusted Site.
  • The system load causes XVL Player operations such as drawing to slow down.
  • The Internet Explorer tear-off tabs are used frequently.
Full XVL Player functionality can be restored by taking the following actions:

  • Unblock the local XVL file.
  • Add the non-local XVL file as a Trusted Site.
  • Reduce the system load by pausing or terminating other operations.
  • Minimize use of the Internet Explorer tear-off tabs.
  • Finally, reload the file by refreshing the Internet Explorer window.

3) The XVL Player toolbar has disappeared and a small yellow triangle is displayed. What does that mean?

The yellow triangle indicates that XVL Player was unable to draw the view within three seconds. If XVL Player takes more than three seconds to draw the view, it stops drawing and displays the yellow triangle indicator. To return to normal mode, change the display options to enable the view to be drawn in less than three seconds.

If the yellow triangle includes a message about safe mode, then XVL Player has gone into safe mode. See the question about safe mode for more information.

4) When I try to use some features such as the File toolbar or the Move Part function, a dialog box appears that says "The function requires an XVL Player Pro or XVL Studio license." How can I obtain the required license?

In addition to freely available functions, XVL Player has some additional features that require licenses. Please contact Lattice Technology ( to obtain the required licenses.

5) I have XVL Player Classic installed on my computer. Do I need to uninstall it before installing XVL Player?

No. XVL Player and XVL Player Classic are different applications and can both be installed at the same time.