Support - Lattice3D Reporter

1) Do I need to install Lattice3D Reporter to view 3D data in a Microsoft Excel worksheet?

Yes, you need to install Lattice3D Reporter to be able to view 3D XVL data in a worksheet. Please note that viewing the 3D XVL data is free and does not require a Lattice3D Reporter license.

2) What happens if I open a Microsoft Excel file with XVL data on a computer that doesn't have Lattice3D Reporter?

If Lattice3D Reporter is not installed on the computer, then you will see a 2D image in place of each 3D view.

3) How many XVL files can I embed in a Microsoft Excel workbook?

There is no limit to the number of XVL files that can be embedded inside a workbook. However, you can only embed one XVL file in each worksheet.

4) What is the resolution of a snapshot image?

The snapshot image resolution is 300 dpi.

5) How can I change the size of the 3D view?

Use Microsoft Excel in design mode to change the size of the 3D view.

6) Is there an automatic update function in Lattice3D Reporter?

Yes, you can simply replace the existing 3D model by executing "Insert/Replace 3D Model".

7) Does Lattice3D Reporter support batch processing?

Yes, Lattice3D Reporter Publisher enables automatic, template-based publication of 3D workbooks. For more information, please contact Lattice Technology (

8) What versions of Adobe Acrobat are required to save as 3D PDF?

Saving as 3D PDF requires Adobe Acrobat Standard XI or Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.

9) What software is required to read 3D PDF documents?

Adobe Reader XI can read 3D PDF documents.