Numerous Publishing Options for Distributing XVL

Consumers can view your XVL-based content for FREE

Lattice3D Reporter
Microsoft® Excel®

With Lattice3D Reporter, you can author spreadsheets complete with embedded XVL versions of your 3D CAD models interactively linked to parts lists and work processes. For viewing, consumers can download the FREE add-in for Microsoft Excel.

Excel, as an industry standard tool, makes it easy to share inside and outside of your organization. 

XVL Web Master
HTML Web Pages

XVL Web Master makes publishing of intelligent 3D information into light weight, fast loading 3D web pages as simple as selecting a template and clicking a button!

Simple, easy 3D in html.

XVL Player
Brower-based App

XVL Player is a free, browser-based 3D viewer for XVL. It includes measurement, cross-sectioning, viewing of animations, access to all metadata including PMI and GD&T, and full assembly viewing.

Ideal for non-CAD users.

iXVL Publisher
For the Apple® iPad & iPhone®

An Ideal Way to Get Your Content into the Hands of the People who Need It.

With iXVL Publisher, you will be able to create intelligent documents containing 3D geometry linked to part/assembly data, production information/work instructions and include animations. And distribute for consumption for iOS devices like the Apple iPad.