Technical Illustrations in 2D & 3D

The Technical Illustrator

At Lattice Technology, one of our goals is to make the Technical Illustrator more productive, providing the tools to make accurate and detailed illustrations that can be used for all of your documentation needs.

Benefits You Can Expect

  • Increased productivity by creating illustrations directly from your engineering CAD models, using templates and automation features.
  • Enhanced understanding of document consumers (internal and external to your company) with clear, detailed and accurate illustrations.
  • Improved job satisfaction of technical illustrators. Allowing illustrators to focus on more interesting and the more impactful aspects of producing technical communications.
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Tools from Lattice Technology enable you to generate complex technical illustrations quickly and easily—directly from your 3D CAD models.

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Interactive 3D Technical Illustrations

In addition to static illustrations, Lattice Technology offers solutions for producing interactive 3D illustrations.