XVL Sample Data for Viewing Interactive 3D Models from Any CAD System:

Sample data models on this page for:

  • XVL Player for Windows
  • Lattice3D Reporter Add-in for Microsoft Excel
  • XVL Web Master HTML for Interactive Web Pages
  • iXVL for iOS for Apple Inc.'s iPhone and iPad

XVL Player for Windows

Prerequisite: XVL Player and either Internet Explorer or FireFox

Note: For Internet Explorer users: Depending on your security settings you may need to add www.lattice3d.com to your Trusted Sites zone before accessing the sample files and data. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Geometry Only (instructions for viewing)

NOTE: To view interactive 3D geometry coupled with work instructions, please try the Lattice 3D Reporter or HTML Generated samples below.

Illustrations -Exploded Views (instructions for viewing)

Process Animations (instructions for viewing)

Lattice3D Reporter add-in for Microsoft Excel

(instructions for viewing)

Prerequisite: Microsoft Excel and FREE add-in

HTML Generated by XVL Web Master

(instructions for viewing)

Prerequisite: Requires XVL Player and either Internet Explorer or FireFox

iXVL for Apple iOS for iPads and iPhones


Prerequisite: Install iXVL Player on your iOS device

Samples for iOS Devices Like iPad iOS Device

System Requirements