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Without Work Instructions: Showing Assembly Tree

iXVL Player

With Work Instructions: 3D, Part and Task Windows

iXVL Technology for iPad® and iPhone®

Create Interactive, 3D, Intelligent Documents from CAD

Documents containing 3D geometry can be linked to part/assembly data, production information and work instructions.

All Lattice Technology viewers are FREE. From the Windows® app to the Microsoft® Excel® plug-in to the mobile Apple® apps for iOS devices like the iPad® and iPhone®.

Lattice Technology viewers allow you to share your data --within your company, externally with stakeholders (e.g. suppliers and tooling vendors) and with your customers.

Extremely lightweight, the XVL data structure allows for very large models to be viewed on-the-go and in their entirety. Resulting data file sizes are often 1% of the original CAD files sizes. For example the Satellite sample model was over 3GB in SolidWorks® and the resulting XVL file size is 3.5MB.

Process for Mobile Viewing of Models

Before a Lattice Technology model can be viewed on a mobile device, two preceding steps must be accomplished.

Model Creation

Lattice Technology Models are created from geometry from any of the major 3D CAD systems. The 3D CAD geometry is brought into the Lattice Technology environment in the following ways:

XVL Studio - Windows® app

XVL Studio is the most robust solution for authoring Lattice models for mobile consumption. With this Windows-based application, complete Work Instructions can be attached to the interactive 3D model which can then be viewed by iXVL Player.

For all the details, visit XVL Studio.

XVL Converters and Plug-Ins

Industry leading XVL Converters quickly and accurately translate all major CAD and 3D data formats into XVL. They are able to compress 3D data up to 0.5% of its original size while still maintaining very high accuracy.

Plug-Ins are installed directly in the CAD application.

Model Publishing

iXVL Publisher

Publishing a model with iXVL Publisher is required for using iXVL Player. You will be able to create intelligent documents containing 3D geometry linked to part/assembly data, production information and work instructions and include animations.

Model Mobile Viewing

iXVL Player

iXVL Player, the iOS solution for mobile, it is a full-powered viewer that includes all of the content that can be embedded into a model with iXVL Publisher, including Work Instructions.

For more details on the content that can be created and attached to your interactive 3D Lattice models, visit the iXVL Publisher page.

Visit iXVL Player for more information about this product and to download.

After downloading iXVL Player from the Apple App Store, try some sample models on your iOS device by clicking here.