Interactive 3D Illustrations

Bring your technical illustrations to life with fully interactive 3D. Illustrations with interactive models can be rotated, zoomed and explored.

These interactive documents can be delivered in many ways -- from a 3D PDF to a mobile device like an Apple iPad (see Consumption of Interactive 3D Illustrations below).

At Lattice Technology, we see the field of technical documentation evolving. Your products are 3D, so why shouldn't you document them in 3D?

Make 2D Illustrations Come Alive in Interactive 3D with Animations

3D Technical Illustration Types

Isometric and exploded views with annotations are all possible - the difference is that they can be interactive and even animated.

Interactivity gives tremendous power to the technical illustrator to create clear and unambiguous interactive illustrations.

Consumption of Interactive 3D Illustrations

At Lattice Technology, all of the applications for consuming interactive 3D technical documentation are available for FREE.

For example, for your customers or internal service personnel, you could make any of the following available for assembly, service or parts ordering.

All are free and interactive.

Next Step

Documentation with embedded, interactive 3D models referencing part lists and work instructions can have a profound impact on technical communications.

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