Lattice Technology has Partnered with Siemens PLM

Siemens PLMJT is an ISO Standard format and used by more and more companies globally. With the increasing momentum of JT, Lattice Technology recognizes it is important to provide its proven applications that enable 3D data, no matter how large or complex, to be used to create assembly work instructions, technical illustrations and service and maintenance documentation to companies using JT.

By partnering with Siemens, we are able to bring these tools to anyone who wants to create technical documentation from JT.

Improving Industry Processes

Lattice Technology is focused on improving industry processes by providing the capability to generate high quality documents for large, complex assemblies and publishing the documents in various formats including HTML, Microsoft Excel and 3D PDF.

Lattice Technology has joined the Siemens PLM Solution Partner Program as a Software and Technology Partner.

Benefits to Customers

  • Lattice Technology will provide versions of its technical documentation applications that support the ISO Standard JT format.
  • Lattice Technology applications will integrate with Teamcenter to enable Teamcenter customers – even those with large, complex assemblies – to take advantage of the technical documentation authoring and publishing tools.

New Products for Teamcenter

Lattice3D Studio Connector for Teamcenter
Lattice3D Publisher Connector for Teamcenter

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FAQs – Integration with Siemens Teamcenter

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