XVL Technology

XVL Delivers the Industry's Best 3D Compression - Lightweight & Accurate

XVL, announced in February 2009, delivers the industry's best-of-breed lightweight 3D compression, which enables 3D CAD assemblies, both big and small, to be rapidly used throughout the manufacturing supply chain.

Unmatched Accuracy and Precision

Compression with XVL doesn't mean sacrificing accuracy. XVL delivers high compression - compressed to an average 0.5% of the original CAD assembly file size, with up to the same measurable accuracy of the original CAD system.

XVL® Provides an Unmatched Retention of Critical Data

No need to recreate topology, assembly structures, parts lists, annotation: It's all delivered into your XVL file:

  • 3D geometry and topology: shell, face, edge, vertex
  • Attribute data, colors etc
  • Assembly structures from 3D CAD data
  • Parts lists and other metadata data in 3D CAD data or from ERP systems